The XXV Belarusian Medical Forum

The XXV Belarusian Medical Forum including the “Healthcare of Belarus 2018” (BelarusMedica), the “PharmExpo 2018”, and the “Stomatology of Belarus 2018” International Specialized Exhibitions, will take place in Minsk (Republic of Belarus) on March 27-30, 2018.
Venue: 20/2, Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk, Belarus.
Organizer: Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Belarus and ZAO “Technics and Communications” (T&C).
Today “Healthcare of Belarus” (BelarusMedica) remains the largest medical exhibition in Belarus featuring all major branches of the medicine.
The main objective of the Forum is to demonstrate experience of the world leading and local vendors, and manufacturers of medications, medical cosmetics, optical eyecare products, medical purpose hardware and goods, laboratory and diagnostic equipment, dental equipment, consumables, and to inform practitioners about the condition status and development trends of this industry both in Belarus and abroad.
An extensive scientific program implemented within the framework of the Forum’s events will enable modern medical specialists to share expertise, establish new contacts, and set strategic plans.
The “Healthcare of Belarus” (BelarusMedica) Annual Specialized Exhibition makes considerable contribution to implementing new medical technologies and improving the health care system of Belarus.
In 2017, the fair exhibited the products made by over 200 companies from 14 countries. The agenda of the Belarusian Medical Forum was intense and included more than 30 business events: theoretical and practical conferences, workshops, presentations and discussions. More than 10,000 specialists visited Forum events.
It was the first time for 50 companies from the Republic of India to participate in the exhibition by presenting themselves at their national pavilion.
More than 10 information partners widely presented the Forum events in the Belarusian and foreign Mass Media.
  • Pharmaceutical preparations, non-prescription medicines;
  • Equipment and raw materials for pharmaceutical industry;
  • Biologically active additives, biologically active substances, diet and special foods;
  • Phytotherapy;
  • Pharmaceutical and medical packaging;
  • Veterinary;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Construction and equipment of medical facilities;
  • Laboratory and diagnostic equipment and technologies;
  • Surgery: equipment, instruments and tools, materials, technologies;
  • Optics and ophthalmology;
  • Resuscitation, intensive care, anaesthesiology;
  • Orthopedy, rehabilitation, auxiliaries for physically handicapped persons;
  • Rescue and emergency medicine;
  • Mother and child care, baby food;
  • Sterilization and disinfection;
  • Care and hygiene articles;
  • Disposable articles;
  • Dentistry: equipment, instruments, materials, preparations, technologies;
  • Aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery;
  • Surgical and therapeutical cosmetics;
  • Sports medicine;
  • Solarium and exercise equipment;
  • Sanatorium services;
  • Medical centers, services;
  • Medical media;
  • Information technologies in medicine;
  • Other medical products.
Welcome to the XXV Belarusian Medical Forum on March 27-30, 2018 in Minsk, Republic of Belarus!