Laboratory for HIV and Opportunistic Infections Diagnosis




Elena GASICH, Docent, Doctor of Biol. Sci.
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Alina Nemira

Olga Matlakh




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Olga Silantieva





Laboratory for HIV and Opportunistic Infections Diagnosis as a independent structure was established on September 01, 1998 due to the fact that the problem of HIV infection as well as parenteral hepatitis B and C became more and more urgent and required the introduction of new more efficient and effective methods for controlling pathogens.

According to the order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus of 14.05.2012 No. 546, at the base of the laboratory there is a "Republican reference laboratory for genodiagnosis of HIV infection, parenteral hepatitis B and C for determining subtypes and resistance to antiviral drugs for HIV, hepatitis B and C therapy".

Today we are the mail laboratory for HIV, HBV HCV etc. diagnosis fully equipped for IB, ELISA, PCR, Sequencing analyses with qualified personal.

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