Забор материала производится с 13.30 до 16.00 (в пятницу
до 15.00) только по предварительной записи!
Прием строго в назначенное время!!!

Предварительная запись по телефону:
(+375-17) 270-35-24 пн-чт 9.00-17.00, пт 9.00-16.00,
обед 13.00-13.30
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Готовность результатов исследования – рабочий день, следующий за днем забора материала. Справочная о готовности результатов: +375-17 343 81 01

Выдача результатов: пн-чт 16.00-17.00, пт 15.00-16.00 

The Republican Research and Practical Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology (RRPCEM) is a present-day and advanced National R&D Center, where a wide range of fundamental studies in the area of epidemiology, medical virology, microbiology, immunology and parasitology are conducted. Additionally, the Center performs a huge scope of applied investigations (virological, bacteriologic and immunologic) by the orders of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, the State Committee on Science and Technologies, medical care services and other institutions. Experts from the Center accomplish methodical supervision, issue guidelines and instructions on bulk of problems related to communicable diseases. The researchers develop and manufacture by original technologies medicines, diagnostic and prophylactic preparations, render consultations on methods of investigations and diagnosis of infections, on the approaches to their treatment and prevention.