About us

The Republican Research and Practical Center for Epidemiology & Microbiology (RRPCM) is advanced National R&D Center of the Republic of Belarus where a wide range of studies in the area of control of communicable diseases are conducted. At the present time these are about 250 members on the staff, about half of them are scientists.

Main R&D trends and activities

  • Improvement of the national system of infectious diseases surveillance.
  • Development of immuno- and molecular biologic diagnostic preparations against the agents of main infections.
  • Elaboration and implementation into medical practice of up-to-date diagnostic, medical, and vaccine preparations.
  • Quality controls of immunobiological products.
  • Training of specialists at the courses in the field.

Centers functioning at the RRPCEM

  • National reference centre on poliomyelitis.
  • National centre on influenza and other acute respiratory diseases.
  • Reference centre of monitoring on antibiotic, antiseptics and disinfectants resistance of clinical significant microorganisms.
  • Reference laboratory on diphtheria.
  • National laboratory on measles.

Non-governmental public organizations

  • Belarusian Scientific Medical Society of Epidemiologists, Microbiologists, and Parasitologists.
  • Belarusian Scientific Society of Immunologists and Allergologists.