Laboratory for Immunology and Cell Biotechnology

Major areas of research:

  1. study of immune disorders in the patients with infectious, oncological and autoimmune diseases;
  2. dendritic cell-based treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases;
  3. basophil activation test (BAT) in the diagnostics of pollen and drug allergy;
  4. study of human mesenchymal stem cells and its use in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and regenerative medicine;
  5. estimation of immunomodulatory drug efficacy using cell lines of lymphoid and myeloid origin as experimental models
  6. maintenance and replenishment of cryobank containing human and animal-derived cell lines (56 lines in May 2019); 
  7. gene expression and delivery to a wide range of eukaryotic cells;
  8. development of technology for producing recombinant allergens and immunotherapy of allergic diseases.
Head of the laboratory

Elena G. Fomina

Head of the laboratory


Phone.: + 375-172 68 04 14


Grigorieva E. Elena



Researcher, Candidate of medical Scienses

Siarhei V. KORAN


Julianna A. KABANOVA


Veranika V. Zviarko

Lab assistant of the 1st class

Main Publications
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